New App and a major software upgrade for EC Living Tana products

New App and a major software upgrade for EC Living Tana products - ELECTROCOMPANIET.NO

We have released a new version of the SW for the EC Living Tana products. The EC Living Tana unit will update itself to this latest version as long as it is connected to the internet. If you’d like to update manually, a downloadable file is available on our website.

Here is a rundown of the new features: 

  • Full Bluetooth streaming functionality
  • Brand new Internet radio implementation with better stability and functionality
  • New flexible playback architecture using latest gStreamer media player
  • New architecture allows for new features to be easily added
  • Improved stability and speed in the app, including much more responsive streaming interface (Tidal, Qobuz etc)
  • Newer architecture easily movable to other Electrocompaniet products.
  • For app, iOS & Android built from same code and same development environment. Allows simultaneous releases on both platforms. Look and feel almost identical on both platforms (within differences between iOS & Android).
  • New Linux Kernel (4.9.137)


    To enable Bluetooth communication on the Tana products:


    1. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. The red LED will start flashing, meaning the unit is in pairing mode.
    2.  Open the Bluetooth settings on your phone or tablet, and you should see the Tana products on the list and add it.
    3. That’s it!  You should now be able to stream any music from your phone or tablet, even without WiFi.



    Electrocompaniet has also released a new app to control all the current digital products (Tana Series, Rena Series, ECM-1 and ECI6-DX).



    New functions:

    • The search function now searches all your local files and your connected streaming services.
    • Under radio, you can search for radio stations and add then to your favorites.
    • More intuitive, bottom menu for easier navigation. Completely new design of playing interface.


    Download the new "EC Play" App at  Google play or the App store.