Introducing the ECP 2 MK II Phono stage

Introducing the ECP 2 MK II Phono stage - ELECTROCOMPANIET.NO

The Electrocompaniet ECP 2 MKII Phono Preamplifier is the latest product release from Electrocompaniet, continuing the upgrade of all our Classic Line products.
It incorporates state-of-the-art instrumentation operational amplifiers and like other Electrocompanietproducts, it uses the highest quality discrete components through the whole signal path, all DC coupled of course.
The ECP 2 MKII follows the design upgrade of the MKII products, with a brand new chassis and front plate design in line with all other MKII products.
The ECP 2 MKII accommodates any imaginable pick-up and cable combination, thanks to its highly configurable input stage. Regardless of the pick-up cartridge, one can select the best suitable capacitive and resistive load configuration. Naturally, both MM and MC are supported.
The overall gain is adjustable in 5 dB steps to accommodate different output levels from different pick-ups. The ECP 2 MKII strictly follows the standard RIAA playback equalization curve. It thereby also implements a steep low-frequency roll-off to filter out unwanted signals, originating for example from playing back warped records.

The ECP 2 MKII makes any LP player and cartridge combination sound even better.

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