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EC 4.9

(discontinued product)

The six channel balanced preamplifier

The best of two worlds. Is it possible to have the best two-channel system, and at the same time have the best multi-channel system? With the EC 4.9, the answer is yes.

Combined with our new EMP 1 Multiplayer and our new generation of power amplifiers, the Electrocompaniet EC 4.9 gives you the best sound from both worlds.  The EC 4.9 can work with the AW 3x120-M power amplifier to automatically switch between multi-channel amplification and bridged stereophonic mode, giving you the ideal system no matter what music you are playing, all controlled by a two-way radio remote control from the comfort of your armchair. With each of the six channels having the same outstanding sound quality as the EC 4.8 preamplifier, Electrocompaniet now has one of the best performing and most advanced 6 channel preamplifiers on the market.

The EC4.9 preamplifier is the first product in the new range of multi-channel equipment from Electrocompaniet. The EC4.9 uses the new EC serial standard SPAC, (Serial Power Amp Control) for controlling the Power amplifier. In combination with one AW3×120, and one AW2x120, the new multi channel power amplifiers, it's possible to switch from a 120W multi channel system to 2×400W two-channel system. All fully controlled from the new Remote Controller ECT2 (optional)


All measurements are made at 120V / 240V  //50Hz / 60Hz
Input impedance balanced (fixed) 47 Kohm
Output impedance 100 ohm
Max input level 30 Vp-p (bal)
Max output level 30 Vp-p (bal)
Gain - 111dB to +6dB
Noice Floor <-130dB (@ 0dB gain)
Frequency responce 0.5 - 200.000 Hz
Channel Seperation > 120dB
THD + N <0.002%
Power consumption (no load or signal) 50 W
Dimensions and Waight  
Width 483 mm / 19 inch
Depth 385 mm / 15.2 inch
Height 135 mm / 5.3 inch
Weight 10 kg
Balanced 2 x6 XLR
Balanced 1 x 2 XLR
Single ended 3 x 2 Phono
Control Ports  
Nettwork 3 x SPAC
Programming 1 x USB
Balanced 1 x 6 channel
Single ended 1 x 2 ch. (Record Out)

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