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EC 4.7

(discontinued product)

The Electrocompaniet EC 4.7 is a high resolution, high performance, DC coupled and fully balanced, remote controlled preamplifier.

EC 4.7 has six single ended inputs, where one is fully balanced. One balanced and one single ended line output, and one fixed single ended output to be used as record. The remote controlled motorized volume is developed to not influence or degrade the sonic performance of the EC 4.7. Volume control and input sources can easily be navigated from the remote controller or via the navigators on the front panel. The navigator's window displays the selected source, and the volume position in analogy shown by a blue lit. The EC 4.7 features Electrocompaniets unique FTT technology, which is capable of deliver twice the current as conventional power supply designs.

This combination with a Toroid transformer and a reservoir of capacitance far beyond necessary will give you more than adequate control of your system. Contains only high quality discrete components. It is a perfect combination with our own products or other manufacturers High-end equipment.

All measurements are made at 120V / 240V  //50Hz / 60Hz
Clipping point of the preamplifier is set to a level where total harmonic distortion (THD) is 0.2%
Preamplifier section  
Single ended operation (gain) 0 dB
Balanced operation (gain) 6 dB
Input impedance single (fixed) 330 kohm
Input impedance balanced (fixed) 165 kohm
THD single ended (1 V in, 1 V out, 1 kHz) < 0.001 %
Equivalent input noise < 3 µV
THD balanced (1 V in, 1 V out, 1 kHz) < 0.0005 %
Max. input single > 10 V RMS
Max. input balanced > 20 V RMS
Channel separation (1 V output, 1 kHz) > 90 dB
Attenuation (minimum volume) - 75 dB
Output impedance single 100 ohm(fixed)
Output impedance balanced 50 ohm (fixed)
Max. output Single ended 8 V RMS
Max output Balanced 16 V RMS
Output noise (400 Hz - 30 kHz) Single ended : 5 µV
Balanced : 10 µV
Signal to noise (400 Hz - 30 kHz) > 100 dB
Frequency response (DC - 65 kHz) - 0.4 dB
The EC 4.7 is DC coupled from input to output.
Power consumption (no load or signal) 15 W
Width 483 mm / 19 inches
Depth 410 mm / 16.1 inches
Height 115 mm / 4.5 inches
Weight 8 kg. / 17.6 lbs.

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