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Classic line digital discontinued

EMC 1 MK III - discontinued

EMP 2 - discontinued

Electrocompaniet EMP 2 is a fully fledged and versatile player with support for all modern audio and video formats and media. Included Blu-ray in 2D and 3D, CD, SACD, DVD and DVD Audio.

ECT 3 - discontinued

Our System Remote ECT 3 makes it even more enjoyable to use our products. This is a combined IR and RF remote control that controls most of our current products both in the Classic and in the Prelude line.

ECD 1 - discontinued

The ECD1 is a 24Bit 192KHz upsampler DAC accepting 16 - 24Bit input and upsample it to 24Bit resolution.

EMP-1/M -discontinued

The EMP 1 is Electrocompaniet’s multi-channel multi-format player providing outstanding audio and video performance. The six balanced analogue output stages are improved versions of the output stages used in the highly acclaimed EMC 1UP.

ECC-1 - discontinued

The ECC-1 is the new entry-level CD-player for classic line. Modern production technology has been utilized to keep the manufacturing cost at a minimum and give a performance that will rival the best. The latest 24bit/192kHz DAC from Cirrus Logic, together with a precision fully balanced analogue output stage operating in class A, sets the basis for a detailed, delicate and dynamic sound

EMP-1/S - discontinued

The performance of the EMP-1/S is exceptional. Its new design achieves excellent playability & disc acceptance. The EMP-1 can even playback most copy protection systems. The mechanism is very smooth and discrete and the disc access time has been reduced. The user interface can be fully controlled from the remote control handset or the front panel keypad.

EMC 1 UP - discontinued

The original EMC 1 received a lot of critical acclaim when it was introduced in 1999. The new EMC 1 UP, launched in 2001, improves on this already excellent design by introducing 24-bit/192kHz upsampling technology. Vital to the EMC 1 UP’s performance is a unique cancellation system which effectively cancels acoustic / mechanical vibrations, enabling exceptionally accurate and robust laser pick-up from the spinning disc