EC Software updater

EC Software updater

 Download Updater (Version 1.05)  (Last update 10.05.2011)

 Firmware revisions description

This software is for firmware upgrades for those products that support such type of upgrades.  Download and install the software, and follow the instructions. This program will install itself on your computer and will on your request download latest firmware direct to your computer for installation on your product.


How to update the firmware

page1     1. Firmware update
Please follow the instruction on screen. 
 Updater Page2   2. Get latest firmware
Download the latest firmware.  The firmware will be saved on your hard drive.
 Updater Page3   3. Install drivers
The first time you run this software you have to install necessary drivers to your hard drive.
 Updater Page4   4. Detect Serial Port.
When you get this window, please connect your   USB cable between the computer and the product you want to update.
 Updater Page5   5. Detect Current Firmware
When you get this window, use the automatic identification, or select the product you want to upgrade from the list.
As soon as the system has detected current version, please press next.
 Updater Page6   6. Firmware Detection Information
You will find a list with latest version, and also the recommended version to install.
 Updater Page7   7. Download new firmware to board
If you want to reset all setup stored in your system, please mark out the selection box.
Press start firmware upgrade to start programming new firmware to your system.
When the upgrade is ready you get the message,upgrade result: Upgrade successful.
 Updater Page8   8. Finished
The system is updated.  Please remove the USB cable and restart all systems by turning them off for 5 sec.






Product Version Description
EMP-1 1.11.04 Fixed stop/eject button timing
  1.11.05 DVD's go to multichannel by default
Eject button works while being held down.
Changed texts for sound mode
  1.11.07 Better sound mode detection: Better detection and improved information on the front display
Deep stereo recognition: The system is improved to also detect this new format
When operate direct on the player: CD Door open after timeout without the need of release button first
  1.12 Eject time reduced from 3 second to 1,2 second.
Shorter version number
EC4.8  /  EC4.9 1.51.00 Support for input levels
  1.53 The balance adjustment now supports muting of individual channels.
A setting  of -20 mutes the channel.
Please also update the ECT-2 to version 1.12 or later to make this work.
ECT-2 1.11.01 Faster response to EMP1 player
  1.11.02 Select key is SoundM
Mute/Standby in DVD screen only active in "Normal" mode
  1.11.03 Limit change of volume when out of radio contact

Small changes to keys for DVD
- Sound mode moved from NORMAL and SELECT to menu DIV and button VOL+
- New button, Audio available in menu DIV and button VOL-
Note! EMP-1 need to be updated to 1.11.07 to work with this version of firmware.

  5 The balance adjustment now supports muting of individual channels.
A setting  of -20 mutes the channel.
Please also update the EC4.8 or EC4.9 to version 1.53 or later to make this work
ECT-3 2.15  

I : The Wheel is smoother than before.

II : A new battery status icon has been added on the TOP RHS corner.

This icon shows the battery supply remaining. 

III : When the battery level falls below the threshold level , the remote will give out a beep every 10 sec, to notify that the battery is low and need charging.

IV: The battery low beep will be given out only when the remote is awake.

V : When the charger is connected the battery status icon will change to a “thunder bolt”.

VI: The text representation of the battery status has been removed.

VII : When the remote is turned ON , the user is shown a message on the screen saying “please Do not touch keys for 3 sec” , as it says , the user should not touch the keys until the message stays on the screen.

During this time the remote calibrates the touch buttons.
EMP-1/S 1.12 Eject time reduced from 3 second to 1,2 second.
Shorter version number.