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Q:How can I find a local Electrocompaniet dealer?

  A: Please check the "CONTACT & ABOUT US" -" Where to buy" section of the web site to find the Electrocompaniet in  your country, which can provide you with a local dealer.  








Q:Why don't you provide prices for Electrocompaniets products on the web site?

    A:  As Electrocompaniet is an international site, it is simply not practical for us to post and keep track of prices for the 45 countries in which our equipment is currently sold. In some parts of the world, it is actually illegal to post suggested prices.







Q:Are Electrocompaniet products available directly from the manufacturer?

  A: Our products are available only through authorized distributors and retailers, not directly.         








Q: Where do I get my unit serviced? How do I obtain parts for my Electrocompaniet unit?

  A:  To find a local service center, and to order parts, including remote controls, please  find   and contact the Electrocompaniet distributor  in your country, who can provide you with this information. Go to the "Where to buy" section on the web site and look up your country.            







Q:Is the Electrocompaniet design fully class A?

    A:  It is class AB design .






Q:Is it possible to convert the mains voltage of my equipment from 110V to 220V or opposite?

   A:  Yes, but this has to be done by a technician and must be verified with our distributor in your country. Please find  the
contact information
for your distributor on our website.

Q:Where can I order spare parts?

    A:  Please contact our local dealer or distributor for ordering spare parts. It is not possible to order direct from Electrocompaniet. 




Q:Where can I order service manuals or schematics?

    A:  Service manuals are only given to Electrocompaniet authorized service points.    


Q:What kind of cable does Electrocompaniet recommend to their equipment?

  A:    Electrocompaniet does not recommend any particular brand of cables. We recommend contacting your Electrocompaniet - dealer since they have the most experience with many brands and variants of cables.